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ESP Yasushi.

nothing more than pi.

Saito, Yasushi.
15 November
Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam!

Name: Saito, Yasushi.
Age: 27-28.
Gender: Male.
Profession: He is the Gym Leader of Old Rose Town, a strong Pokémon trainer who battles trainers passing by and awards them badges if they win. Losing challengers are welcome to try for badges over and over again if they fail first time round.

Gym Number/Location: 8th/Old Rose Town.
Gym Badge: Wisdom Badge.
Gym Type: Psychic. Some of his team is dual-typed.
Gym Prize: TM Psychic.
Gym Puzzle: To pass through the gym, one has to collect five Zener Cards from the Psychic Trainers. They are keycards used to unlock the main arena. There's one card per trainer. Each trainer shows the challenger five cards: four are blank, and the fifth has one of the five Zener symbols [circle, cross, waves, square, star.] The challenger must correctly guess which of the five is the Zener card, as well as its symbol. If they get it wrong, they battle for the keycard.

Notable Possessions: The Psychic TMs he hands out as prizes to victorious trainers.
Favourite Pokémon: Togepi. He likes them small and cute.


Appearance: Yasushi is quite tall, but not overly so. He's a nice-seeming character who chooses to dress formally. One can see from the muscles he lacks he hasn't done much work.
Personality: Frustrated that he's outgrowing his gym trainees in his psychic abilities, Yasushi feels intellectually superior and has resorted to travelling to see if there are strong trainers and noteworthy people who can face his abilities. Though an extroverted person, he doesn't get along with others; his blunt words and egotism don't gear people to like him, and he seems to prefer solitude over socializing.

Yet, he doesn't expect people to like him; he just wants respect. In Pokémon Battles, his instructions are telepathic, with the intent of not letting his opponent know what’s coming. This makes his orders rapid and quick, faster than a word.

In short, Yasushi’s capable of making friends, and many unfriendly acquaintances. If you can defeat him, you’ve made him smile and earned his respect as a trainer.
Hometown: He was born and raised in Old Rose Town.
History: Yasushi inherited psychic abilities from his father and began showing them at a young age. He found them difficult to control and at the age of twelve Yasushi began outgrowing his father in ability. Soon after, his parents took him to the Psychic Gym. His parents had taken him there in the hope a Psychic Trainer could help him control his power and urges, as well as give him a friend, since he hadn’t socialized much upon discovering his powers.

Yasushi enrolled at the Old Rose City Gym where he received his Abra, and worked his way up the ranks till he became Gym Leader at the age of twenty-four. He turned it into an institute where fellow psychics could develop their powers. He has been nicknamed "ESP Yasushi" because of his power and the fact his Pokémon are Psychic-types. He has exceptionally close connections to his Alakazam and Wobbuffet. He is married with a wife and two-year old daughter.

Psycho Cut

Extra: Yasushi’s skills include telepathy. This allows him to form psychic connections with his Pokemon, meaning they share thoughts and emotions and don’t have to be verbally commanded in battle. He is able to use psionics to do many things - clairvoyance, telepathy, teleportation and psychokinesis. Some things, however, are unpredictable, such as the level of a trainer’s power. He also prefers using these abilities in front of other psychics only, or when the situation calls for it. They’re not something he shows off. Normally, he uses Alakazam to teleport.

Pokemon Team