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22nd-Apr-2009 05:43 pm - [14] Return
† checkin u up
I apologise for the brief period in which I was away. Now I have returned, are there any trainers needing to battle me?

Ippongi, if you've ran the gym well I've got a reward for you.
7th-Apr-2009 12:05 pm - [13] Going Away
† the gym is closed
The Wobbuffet in Wobbuffet Village in Johto have fallen ill. Most people forget these Pokemon are psychic, though they show no psychic ability.

In short, I've agreed to help. I'll be gone for two weeks.

Ippongi, you're in charge till I return.
24th-Mar-2009 09:06 pm - [12] Lecture Date
† old rose gym leader
Hmm, I will be delivering my lecture at 6:30pm, Saturday 28th March, at Cardinal City's Trainers School.

Attendance is free but you must book tickets in advance. You can ask for them by ringing the Old Rose Gym and leaving your name and address.
11th-Mar-2009 02:21 am - [11] Gym Leader Battle
† this is my narked face
That... is the first trainer in a while to get past Wobbuffet. I know Tyranitar are fearsome, but Wobbuffet is my Pokemon. We have been through some difficult battles. There can be no excuses: we will do better.

Fear. Terror.

Feeling his emotions like that wasn't a nice feeling, even though I won.

I'm taking Wobbuffet to the hotsprings in Amaranth to recover. He likes it there. I have personal business to mull over but will return at sunrise. There is another reason, however. One of our Abra thought it would be funny to Teleport away holding my housekeys. I still have to find her.
1st-Mar-2009 01:44 am - [10] Journey
† you don't say
In light of this recent crisis, I have chosen to travel Shiko and give my advice to trainers. On my journey, I will stop at Orange Town and deliver a lecture on psychic Pokemon.

Hopefully it'll be worth it.
20th-Feb-2009 01:30 am - [OOC] One Hundred Questions
† what's ur sign?
This meme can be found here. Feel free to poke with discussions, questions, and plot.

This took forever.Collapse )
2nd-Feb-2009 02:54 am - [09] A State of Mind
† blah blah blah
Those thieves. This island has some crazy imbeciles but...

I miss my Pokemon.

[Failed Private. Open] It's at times like this I wish I could lose control. Sometimes, I think I've forgotten how to. Martha, though, was right: I can't control my circumstances, but at least I can control my thoughts.
19th-Jan-2009 02:44 am - [08] Filtered to Gym Leaders
† the gym is closed
We have a problem.
18th-Jan-2009 08:42 pm - [07] Sarah's Birthday.
† he knows it's that
Another year passes.

I wonder if we'll make it to our Silver Anniversary.

[Private to Self] I try not to understand her and be happy, but it's difficult; now we're going to confront Sol, I worry about keeping them safe. If we divorce they'll not be dragged into the upcoming battle. I can pay for them to move to Sinnoh. It's one thing to consider, I suppose. At least there they won't be a target.
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